Friday, May 16, 2008

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Monday, April 7, 2008


Exposed // Once I came up with several different types of exposed style binding, I wanted to take what I had created to the next level. This project is a book binding kit that comes with how-to cards of various stitching that I have created.


Binding to be seen // When I first started taking book arts, I didn’t know there were so many different possibilities how books could be made. In book arts 1 I was introduced to exposed spine binding. Since I loved this binding method I started experimenting and developing my own exposed spine stitching. This project is an example of one of the stitchings that I have come up with.

Slicks//Taxi Cab

For Hire // Rather than having a modern car as a cab, I chose a 1962 Cadillac to bring back a classic nostalgic feel. I wanted something that was not only interesting, but memorable and recognizable. I didn’t just want a catchy name, but a character that could be associated with the company’s brand. Since I wanted a retro feel to the cab company, my design for the logo was influenced by the product mascots of the 1950’s and 1960’s.


City of Gold // In researching various wine companies I came upon Quivira. The story behind the name is what lead me to want to pick this for my project. Quivira is one of the lost city’s of gold, so I wanted the labels to have an elegant, classic, old world feel. I also wanted to tie in the idea of exploration—in search of this lost city by placing a compass on the tops of the wine bottles.


Spicing things up // Preps is a gourmet food store for people who enjoy cooking and trying new recipes. This store focuses on creating customized food orders. The concept behind this project is “made for you”, so I designed the labels to resemble diner tickets, to give the feel that it is your personal order.


Metamorphosis // This book illustrates in detail an insects life cycles in its various forms. The book also explores the anatomy and habitats of the most common insects. In researching numerous insects I developed patters that were inspired by the different parts of an insects. I wanted this book to have a very scientific feel, everything cataloged and recorded.